Poem written and published in "Acclaimed - 2011 Poetry Collection"


Amy's House was organized in 1993 by the citizens of Lincoln County who were concerned about domestic violence issues. The Lincoln County Coalition Against Domestic Violence was formed. In October, 1994 a house was purchased within the city limits of Lincolnton and became a safe haven for families of domestic violence. On January 9, 1995 the sheller officially opened its door to the public and was lovingly named "Amy's House" offering shelter, services, and assistance to domestic violent victims. 

At that time, we could house only 7 people. We have since added onto the house on two different occasions making space available for up to 23 victims of domestic violence. We are available 24/7 making our services available to victimized residents of Lincoln County. Programs include shelter, court assistance, legal assistance, counseling, support groups, parenting classes, job readiness program, budgeting workshops, job referrals, housing referrals, transportation, as well as any other client needs that will help them provide a safe environment for their families. 

"Amy's House" was chosen as the name of the shelter because of a woman, named Amy, who was a victim of domestic violence and had no safe place to take her children. She was the inspiration to the coalition and they wanted to honor her name. 

Our goal for success is to make our services available 24/7 to victimized residents of Lincoln County. 

 Papaw I miss the old days When everything wasn't in a haze You were a great man Always one to lend a hand. 

You'd do anything for your family and friends Until your life came to an end You were murdered by a man Who held the gun in his hand.

Nothing could be done You can't stop a pointed gun We wish things were different today But seems like those wishes just fade away.

Papaw I miss the old days When everything wasn't in a haze Its been almost four years And still we see tears.

Your whole life started and ended on a farm You never done any harm Papaw you told us to be proud Now I'm being proud and doing it loud.

I remember all our good times And the sounds of the wind chimes Going to horse sales And getting hay bales.

Papaw I miss the old days When everything wasn't in a haze You've changed my views Wish I could show you all the news.

I see the beauty in the land And how much power you had in your hand I miss you now you see Save a spot up there for me.

Taylor Scates
‚ÄčNovember 19, 2009